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Message 5556 - Posted: 19 Nov 2017, 20:23:07 UTC

On the Asteroids Web site there is a Science tab with a information submitted to the Science community in 2015. Has the project submitted anything since then ?

Bill F
Dallas TX

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Message 5557 - Posted: 19 Nov 2017, 21:05:24 UTC - in response to Message 5556.

I agree. Although Kyong is very busy it would be nice to get an update about the science at least once a year.

Do not make the same mistake as UFluids@home, guys.....

Nathaniel Gatewood
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Message 5567 - Posted: 5 Dec 2017, 11:11:05 UTC - in response to Message 5556.

I noticed this the other day, too. Hope they get it updated soon

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Message 5586 - Posted: 15 Dec 2017, 22:02:42 UTC
This link give an approximate wiev of what happened at the yucatan just at the moment of the blast of the asteroid that killed 73% of the life on earth.
I wanted to know a little more as ine a newspaper of the revue called "ça m'intéresse" in France and this was the main reason of the creation of an approximative model of the impact. You can see that the meteor injected the géological formation Inside of the mantel of the planet. The presure should be wery important to arrive to transform the réaction of a solid structure in a liquid answer of the earth crust to the shock blast. It happened not only a gazous shock wawe on the planet with important dust but at the same moment the earth crust reacted like a stone falling in a lake. But this was not a lake but solid rock. The old citizen of France though that the worst problem is when the sky is falling on the head.ère_de_Chicxulub

Best Regards and thanks to the scientist

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