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1) Message boards : Science : What calculations does a single work unit do? (Message 4853)
Posted 19 Apr 2016 by Failboat
I'm trying to get a more concrete idea of what sort of work my computer is doing for Asteroids@home, so I have a few questions that after digging around on the forums, I couldn't really find any answers.

I know the computation for an asteroid's shape and spin is split into 250-300 parts. What are these parts? As in, what sort of calculations are done in these work units?

Does one work unit concentrate on one component of the calculation, and another a different component? What are these components?

Is the computation sequential or segmented? (Sorry, have very little idea what this is all about so this question may be irrelevant or nonsensical) That is to say, is the shape and spin calculated by splitting the lightcurve into pieces and handing each of those out as computations, or do the work units build off of one another (sequential), meaning that one work unit's input is dependent on another work unit's output?

Right now, work units don't really mean anything to me, and credits even less. I'd love to know more about what goes into a work unit.


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