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1) Message boards : News : Server maintenance (Message 3276)
Posted 2 Jul 2014 by ph.gsc.sevilla.larry
Hey guys, pls be patient.
Let the Project Admin (Kyong) do his job.

Try other boinc projects, if you don't want your PC(s) to be idle.

Let credits be secondary. Primary: help science.
2) Message boards : News : Server on-line (Message 2592)
Posted 25 Feb 2014 by ph.gsc.sevilla.larry
thumbs up...

keep up the good work... on your side

we'll be crunching... on our side
3) Message boards : Technical News : Server upgrade (Message 2155)
Posted 5 Dec 2013 by ph.gsc.sevilla.larry
so far, working again...

keep up the good work...
4) Message boards : News : Server migration finished (Message 1792)
Posted 26 Sep 2013 by ph.gsc.sevilla.larry
downloaded new task...
running again....

keep up the good work.....

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