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1) Message boards : Windows : Application for Windows (Message 744)
Posted 26 Jan 2013 by Profile [B^S] ShanerX
Ok, I went and read BilBg's other comments and found him to be technically savvy with well constructed posts. I've also enjoyed reading your comments here and other forums. Point made. I can see that my post was not relevant or helpful to the immediate topic of discussion (RAM buffer), but I don't understand how my post was 'garbage' otherwise?!

I've crunched since Seti Classic, and enjoy Boinc. How can you tell me I was wrong about tweaking work buffer, processor usage, disk space allocation, memory allocation, or any other setting that can be changed? I'm curious, not being ignorant, I just don't see how my post was so horrible, except for the fact that it wouldn't pertain to Rick's immediate issue, and that Kyong had indeed found and corrected the problem on the backend.

You can PM me, we don't have to clog up this thread. Although I do try test projects, I don't post very often in forums, and I'm not on the technical level of you and BilBg regarding Boinc. Sorry if you felt my post was garbage.
2) Message boards : Windows : Application for Windows (Message 741)
Posted 25 Jan 2013 by Profile [B^S] ShanerX
?? Geez BilBg, thanks for the incredibly enlightening post ... did the dog shred your favorite slippers or are you always this rude?? I'll refrain from a similar response.

The thread is “Application for Windows”, not “Rick’s old laptop memory issue”. I read the posts, including the last one where Kyong says to “try tomorrow”. Rick didn't provide an update. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted anything I didn't feel worthwhile to Rick, this topic, or similar topics regarding disk space and memory allocations. If it doesn't help Rick, it may help others. That was the purpose of my post. And yes, you can tweak settings on every computer, so I don’t understand your point. Most people run with the defaults and haven’t ever actually tried tweaking their system for optimal performance.

If you don't have anything constructive to add, I suggest you keep your discourteous comments to yourself - there's no need for it here or any other volunteer project forum.

Have a nice day!
3) Message boards : Windows : Application for Windows (Message 735)
Posted 23 Jan 2013 by Profile [B^S] ShanerX
Just a thought ... I had this problem when adding a new project (POGS) to a pc that already had multiple projects running. I had to increase the 'disk and memory usage' (Tools | Computing Preferences). I changed the 'use at most' allocation from 10Gb to 14Gb and was able to download the new project wu's. I was running CPDN, Asteroids, WCG, and T4T, so they had taken up the majority of the disk space in wu's and project files stored locally.

Although my problem was regarding disk space, maybe you can look at your memory usage settings and see if you can tweak something on the laptop?! Hope that helps!
4) Message boards : Windows : Application for Windows (Message 437)
Posted 11 Dec 2012 by Profile [B^S] ShanerX
Yes!!! Thanks for all the effort to get a Windows app going!!! Add another cruncher and some quad-cores to your volunteer list :D
5) Message boards : Windows : Application for Windows (Message 286)
Posted 3 Oct 2012 by Profile [B^S] ShanerX
Found link from orbit website, sounds interesting so I'm going to try it out! T4T had some quirks (a lot of quirks) in the beginning with vbox, but has been running smooth for months now. I'm running Win7-64, Boinc Mgr 7.0.25 and just downloaded the newest vbox 4.2.0 r80737. Added project ... now what? Do we need to setup vbox manually, or is there a wrapper like T4T that gets automatically downloaded and then launches when Boinc starts the task?

I only have one computer available right now, hope this vbox setup works out for the project! Haven't rec'd any tasks yet, so I'll keep checking forums for updates.

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