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1) Message boards : Number crunching : no work (Message 5146)
Posted 4 Mar 2017 by Melvin Bobo Slacke
Yeah, problems uploading work:
"04-Mar-2017 05:41:06 [Asteroids@home] Error reported by file upload server: Server is out of disk space"

Server status page also say:
"period_search_assimilator (period_search) project1 Not Running
period_search_assimilator (period_search) project1 Not Running
db_purge project1 Not Running"
2) Message boards : Problems and bug reports : Computation errors (Message 4982)
Posted 21 Sep 2016 by Melvin Bobo Slacke
Heh, something odd happened a few hours ago, my i5 on Linux started completing
WUs in 1.5 minutes instead of normal 1.2 hours, guess thats related, they get validated so I guess they are ok.

These are with app "Period Search Application v102.10 (avx)" and wus ps_160915_input..

Very weird.. ;-P

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