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1) Message boards : News : Server maintenance (Message 4446)
Posted 14 May 2015 by Maura
There is going to be a bigger maintenance on 12.05.2015. It should start at 06:00 UTC and it will take propably 24 hours. New workunits will be added after the maintenance.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)

Seems that all worked out fine. Excellent job! :D

Here, too. I now have lots of pretty rock work to do. Thank you.

BTW, I hope your personal problems have been solved or are at least less burdensome now. Head up man!

My best wishes to you, too, Mr. Vančo. And to everyone at BOINC and its friends.
2) Message boards : News : New workunits (Message 4256)
Posted 26 Mar 2015 by Maura

I think I broke the Internet again? :)

You didn't break the Internet, your Computer arrived at and is now Downloading.

Now get out and buy more Hard Drives, so you can fill them.



Thank you.
It's nice to know I'm not so clumsy as I think I am. :)
And I have just added more drives!

And a really big Thank you to everyone for all your hard work especially the overworked Mr. Vanco.
I'm getting WUs, now. And they look good.
My little machine can play with its asteroids again.
3) Message boards : News : New workunits (Message 4234)
Posted 24 Mar 2015 by Maura
All my work units are now being marked "Download Failed". But my other BOINC projects are fine.

Your thoughts?

The admin knows about the problems and is working to correct them.

Is there anything we can do to help?

You can successfully get a few WU if you set all other projects to 'No New Tasks"
then go into Tools->Computing Preferences->network usage tab->Max additional work buffer = 10 days.
Then go to the project link and click Update for Asteroids@Home and the project should send 15 to 70 WU's.
Wait a minute until all the downloads are completed as failed or successful (none, or maybe 1).
You can update several times until the project backs you off with the message 'no tasks sent you have received the allotted 1 WU for the day' in the Event Log.

Remember to reset your buffer to it's original setting (usually 1 day) and then put all your Projects back to accepting new tasks.

You should end up with 3 to 10 Asteroids@Home WU's to process.

I tried that, it has now stopped sending me "failed downloads" and it has stopped sending me WU's. Even when I reverted everything back the way it was.
I think I broke the Internet again? :)
4) Message boards : News : New workunits (Message 4172)
Posted 20 Mar 2015 by Maura
No way to "avoid this d/l problem" - files either do not exist on the server, have a wrong filename, are empty or are in the wrong directory.

Any of this have to be checked and corrected on the server.

Then perhaps its time Radim considered taking a@h offline until he has time to sort out these problems?

Then no one would have to footle about endlessly trying to get WU and failing while the problem got sorted out.


Among the many "download failed" WUs I do get a few WUs that work. I've even crunched some and sent them back, so I think from my perspective continuing to try is worthwhile. I'm not sure how much work I'm inadvertently causing the Admins, though.
5) Message boards : News : New workunits (Message 4165)
Posted 19 Mar 2015 by Maura
Hi, thank you and Mr. Vančo for all your hard work.

I did an update of A@H today and got some work units but lots said they failed to download. Using the BOINC manager GUI, there were only two things I could do to these, either wait to see if they ever succeeded in re-downloading or using the abort. I decided on the latter.
I stopped A@H from accepting new WUs, so I wouldn't get any more failed downloads then aborted the failed WUs, then did another update. What I was hoping was that this would immediately free up those units as work for some other user.

Was I wrong?
6) Message boards : News : New server added (Message 3832)
Posted 28 Nov 2014 by Maura
Out of workunits... :(

I know everyone's busy and over-worked, under-appreciated and vastly underpaid, but could someone take a few seconds out to post that to the front page and to send out a Notice to forestall people like me trying AaH updates every few minutes for hours, please?

It would be ever so much of a goodness, thank you.

for M.

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