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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Military Class Components, Military Class I II III IIII ? (Message 4386)
Posted 15 Apr 2015 by Profile Kernel
I have a feeling that it's a marketing term

I've been working for CzArmy/ACR two years with radio (data/voice) transition related to SA-6 Gainful.

We didn't have many special components(R,L,C), just case were(not very often) more robust.
Standard notebook was Dolch Note Pac for armoured calvary and mobile aaa/sam. HP/Dell PC in a office. I saw Dolch notebook inside and I didn't see any special parts(R,L,C) if I remember good.

In to addition, I have AMD 1620LE,ASUS M2A with Samsung F1 and Patriot xx DDR2 and just fan in a power supply gone. 20 hours per week+ since Q4/2007. :)
2) Message boards : News : Server moving and scheduled outages (Message 3910)
Posted 1 Jan 2015 by Profile Kernel
Big deal.
Server is unreachable every second day.

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