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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Still no ATI GPU app? (Message 4637)
Posted 18 Sep 2015 by tds72
is the code in question public?
2) Message boards : Science : How are asteroid selected for processing? (Message 4493)
Posted 5 Jun 2015 by tds72
No, he means that the signal isn't strong enough for many of the asteroids out there. We can only ever hope to get a fraction of the asteroids' shape derived because of geometry.
What we're doing here is using the difference in reflected light to infer something about the shape.
Link to a pretty picture I made
Some asteroids' shape is not very well suited to light curve analysis. Imagine a perfect spherical asteroid. When it rotates, the reflected light does not change so we would not be able to do anything with the light curve. That's why so few asteroids are suited to this method. Though as we get more observations (and observations with higher snr), we should be able to do a larger fraction of them [/b]
3) Message boards : Science : When will A@H use Gaia spacecraft data (Message 4228)
Posted 24 Mar 2015 by tds72

I know there were plans from this project's creators to use data from the Gaia mission for sparse-in-time period searches. Is there any update on that? When will there be Gaia data in the pipeline?



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