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Dusko Lalovic ("I have been here and there, up, down and around. Originally from Bosnia but living as an...")
Danny Lippincott ("hello science community. My name is Danny I am a 32 yr old male from New York. 10 years ago...")
Dune Finkleberry ("You already know all you need to know.")
Dmitry Savenko ("I'm a software engineer at Xored ( I live in Novosibirsk,...")
dbentley ("Twitter: @danielcbentley Facebook:")
Dmitrij ("Родился и живу в городе Мытищи. Увлекаюсь...")
doctor ("Hi! I'm from Europe. I like astronomy, technology, science fiction and detective movies and...")
danny ("Cook, punter, lush")
dora07 ("Cześć ludzie !!")

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