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Last updated 17 Jan 2020, 16:00:19 UTC

denizZz.RU ("I am a student from Russia. I live in Moscow. I like ufo's and music. My ICQ number is...")
denim ("I'm from Baltimore, 37, own an audio ecommerce site and do structural design. My hobbies...")
don ("i live in the big D michigan go tigers lol i have been amazed by the stars,planets and I...")
defind1 ("")
Doug Hendryx ("Crimologisty, Social Psychologist state of Oregon retired")
Dave Mann ("30 years in the US Army. Lots and lots of time with SIGINT related R&D. High...")
Dave GPU ("Born 1960 London England moved to florida USA in 1981, work as an antistatic flooring...")
denjoR ("Admiral Leonard H. McCoy, MD was a male Human Starfleet officer of the 23rd and 24th...")
Donovan saba ("i like the badgers and fireworks. :)")

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