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Last updated 21 Sep 2019, 20:10:05 UTC

FdG (" ")
Fred ("My name is Fred Baier and I live in Camrose, Alberta Canada. I grew up on a farm and...")
fab789 ("chemicalengineer")
Flint ("My name is Sergio, I come from Madrid, Spain, and I have 37 years. I love the space. I'm...")
FJR ("My name is Fox, I am just a normal guy willing to donate a few clock cycles for a good...")
Franz Lautner ("Hallo, ich bin 23 und komme aus Wien in Österreich. Derzeit suche ich noch nach einer...")
Freezing ("Crunching since 2013")
Flame Deal ("My Name is Flame Deal, I live in NC. and I'm an events coordinator. however my passion is...")

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