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Last updated 21 May 2019, 9:35:07 UTC

gameshogun ("A Filipino who believes that it is far more worth it to contribute to BOINC projects than...")
Gentilli ("Love anything to do with astronomy.")
Greg* ("Arf. Né en 1969, 3 enfants et un peu Geek sur les bords. Technicien informatique dans la...")
Gnu ("The boys are back in town....")
Gopherboy76 ("I'm a University graduate of TV and Film Production and is currently working freelance as a...")
Ggreybeard ("Amateur astronomer. Amateur photographer. Supporter of Tottenham Hotspur Football...")
Gattorantolo [Ticino] ("Hello, i am Gattorantolo from the Boinc Italy team.")
gladiator_maximus ("Glory to Ukraine! Слава Украине! live in Zaporozhye,Ukraine. Hobbies:...")
Gibson Praise ("ex-IT handyman ( If you had problems, I was handy ) voracious reader ( history, scifi /...")
GLassnig ("Well, here we go! I'm Georg Lassnig and was born in 1967 in Villach/Austria but grown up...")

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