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Guido Coppens ("HI, I'm Guido Coppens and I live in Belgium in the village Booischot. I was born in...")
GuRu ("Я программист.")
Glenn Harlow ("Prior service Army. Signal support system specialist. served in Iraq Sept 2006 to Dec...")
gregsim67 ("US Army '85 to '87 Wildflecken 54th Eng Bat. Oath Keeper.")
GEOFF RODLEY ("Hi there , It is so good to be apart of the team ..... My name is Geoff : a sixty year...")
Grawolph ("I hate writing bios over and over and over again. If you want to know about me, go to my...")
Gary ("Retired")
Gopala Krishna Sa M.R. ("I am an Aeronautical Engineer...")
gottkiller ("Gemeinsam sind wir viel ^^")
Grbin ("CHci jen využít volný výpočetní výkon pc.")

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