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Last updated 14 Sep 2019, 20:05:05 UTC

Gary ("Retired motor coach operator for NY Trailways")
Giovanni 98 ("Mi chiamo Giovanni, ho 15 anni, sono appassionato di informatica, mi intendo sopratutto di...")
Ghouse Mohiuddin ("Am a 50-year-old journalist from Pakistan; love to read books, especially science fiction...")
Galactic Catfish ("From planet Earth, ancient age, systems engineer, carbon based gardener, cyborg.")
Gustavo Coelho Feijoo ("I am a hard working quick learner, an adaptive, dedicated and flexible person. Well, I...")
Glenn Day ("I am from Birmingham, Alabama. Have a Master of Performance in Organ and Harpsichord. I...")
Gardini ("Mi chiamo Francesco, e sono uno studente in Aerospace Master Degree.")
Geek46 ("USN Veteran, Grandfather, Father, Husband, 17 years as Licensed Electrician, 17 Years IT...")

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