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GoffUK ("I'm an Electrical Engineer with a keen interest in computing to make life easier.")
G094389 ("Systems Engineer")
georgeb ("Hi, my name is George I am probably younger than most people here (but im not going to say...")
Gu ("Autodidact.")
georg ("I'm a computer and networking interested teen from Vienna, Austria. Feel free to contact...")
Görgős Péter ("I'm an IT tester, singer, writer and charity worker. I'm sing in a hungarian metal band,...")
Geoffrey ("Salut! Moi, c'est Geoffrey, un jeune français des montagnes. J'adore tout ce qui touche...")
Gennadiy ("Мне 41 год. Живу в Белоруссии. Работаю инженером по...")
gillaptop ("Retraité Education Nationale en électronique Ingénieur Génie Electrique")

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