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Last updated 9 Jul 2020, 22:40:05 UTC

Glenn Hawley ("My favourite asteroid is 380480")
Georgi Vidinski ("Senior software developer and amateur astronomer, photographer and musician.")
G2 ("From Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada")
Grandpa ("Retired USAFSS MSgt, 40 years a computer programmer/analyst, now permanently retired.")
Giulio Grieco ("Mi chiamo Giulio, vivo a Gorizia in Italia, sono un pilota professionista di UAV oltre che...")
Gissele Mora ("I am from california, I currently reside in Oxnard, my hometown is Whittier and I am a...")
G Roy ("Hi, I'm Roy, male, and a former neuroscientist who loves delving into fascinating subjects...")
George Abraham ("Global Entrepreneur, Business, Management and ERP Consultant, like to support SETI and its...")
George N Leiter II ("Retired; Computer builder, Seti member since 1999, team TheGateway. Had an PC just sitting...")
Guillaume ("Retraité passionné, je suis Belge d'origine et installé définitivement en Espagne...")

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