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Jan Melich ("Volam sa Jan Melich byvam v Ziari nad Hronom.Mam 49rokov s tudujem astronomiu na...")
jeddah ("I am a guy love internet and computer very much. I am from China age 29.")
Jawahir ("My Name is Jawahir Shamsudeen, I am from India, I am working in qatar as IT manager in a...")
JeffBradt ("Born: Brockport, NY USA, 1970. Physics student, University at Buffalo, 2016-present.")
Jochen Kalka
Jonkred ("Sou do Brasil, vivo no rio de janeiro, tenho 23 anos, e sou programador. Não tem nada...")
jose miguel barria ("hola, soy José Miguel Barría Valenzuela, desde valdivia Chile... soy mecánico industrial...")
JavaPersona ("I am too shy to write much about myself or my machines that run BOINC projects, my...")
Joern Gerken ("If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Lee Kuan Yew")
John Lodsin ("From Silver Spring, MD Age 70, semi-retired. Computer technician and professional musician.")

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