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Last updated 17 Sep 2020, 22:50:05 UTC

James Coates ("Born in Chicago, I am an author of my autobiography and avid traveler (over 25 countries at...")
Jesse Rosales
Josh Mangum ("josh mangum - dad, nerd, joke teller")
John Price ("Just a science nerd living in Minnesota")
John Robert Mallerne ("Howdy, Folks! I am a seventy-four (74) year old, retired, divorced (no children),...")
jan borms ("i am Jan Borms , in the military for my day-time job (Airforce) . lover of science and...")
JanneJP ("I am using a 5 node docker swarm (RPI3B as master, 4x RPI4B workers) to help with the...")
jmwfr ("Passionate about science, particularly interested in cosmology and astrophysics as a...")
jerrypcjr ("Live in Orlando, FL. Age 45, computer expert, PC gamer, volunteer, musician. Love science...")

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