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Joe ("Minister and retired military combat veteran. Reared in the Midwest (Kansas and Oklahoma)...")
josip hajduk ("age 20 country croatia")
JNicklaw ("I'm a curmudgeon who likes to hike, play with computers, drink beer and eat hot wings. All...")
Jose E Nastasi
jong won lee ("꿈이많은 95년생 학생입니다. 주립대 졸업하고...")
Jerbialdo (" Jerbialdo é: Blogueiro, Escritor, Poeta Divulgador Científico e...")
Jacob Johnson ("Made in '93 Lover of science and nature in general. I am currently studying horticulture.")
Jon ("I'm a PhD student in chemistry, but I've always been fascinated with the stars. I'm glad to...")
John Pellman ("I'm an open / citizen science enthusiast who hails from New York.")

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