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Lighthouse ("I was born in Essex and moved to Torbay in 1975, I am married, with two children. I have...")
Lucy Marleny Paz C. ("Mi nombre es Lucy Paz, soy de Guatemala, tengo 17 años (casi 18) soy estudiante de...")
Luca ("diamo tutti una mano concreta sia con la mente...che con i nostri computer!")
lee calder ("Hi my name is Lee Calder, I'm 22 years old and currently unemployed. My hobbies are PC...")
Lufa ("Hello. I come from Poland and specifically live in Kłodzko. My interests, IT systems,...")
Ladyhawk ("Hi, I'm interested in finding other intelligent life forms in the Universe. I have always...")
Lis Arnkjaer ("I just like to hel[")
Lucas ("Im a Industrial Engineering student. I also write Science Fiction, soon on sales....")

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