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Last updated 23 Apr 2019, 9:25:04 UTC

Odicin ("Member of BOINC Confederation")
Opolis ("Mechanical Engineer from California, USA. I love computers, cars, music, sports, and...")
oldjerryANO2011 ("Důlchodce, 1937, Lovosice,")
Ousermaatre ("In French: Salut à toute la communauté francophone du calcul partagé. Membre depuis...")
olsen_gg ("Hallo, ich komme aus Stralsund (Deutschland) und habe mit Computern eigentlich nur...")
OE1TKS (" ")
Overtonesinger ("Born in 1979, I am a computer programmer, father of twins-girls and a well known overtone...")
O. A. Andromeda [Puglia][Italy]

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