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Last updated 21 Sep 2019, 20:10:05 UTC

PeterHallgarten ("I am an amateur radio operator VK3AVE from from way back when (well 25+ years). I am...")
Preston Mcmanigle ("im just amazed at space and how we are connected to the cosmos. i think we should just take...")
Pooh Bear 27 ("More than 5 decades upon this earth. Using computers to crunch data for share projects...")
Pavel Solc - Slon21
Pat and Ted ("Ted Tatara retired on disability after 40-years as a Broadcast Journalist. My wife and me...")
pawzdy ("Hi, I live in Silesia in Poland, I'm 40+ years old and I work for GM. I like all kinds of...")
phobia ("Ephesians 1:2")

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