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Last updated 15 Oct 2019, 15:25:05 UTC

PhilTheNet ("J'aime apprendre, découvrir et être moins bourricot jour après jour :)")
Piotrek ("Hej mam na imie Piotrek mam lat 31 jestem z Wałbrzycha.Pracuje jako kierowca ciezarówki...")
PanBonker ("Brno.venkov, 21 let, student, hraní na trumpetu, hraní pc her, lezecká stěna.")
PaulDuncan ("PC specs: CPU: i7-3770k @ 4.6GHz GPU: GTX 660ti RAM: 8GB 2133MHz Motherboard: MSI Z77...")
pallas ("I'm a developer, a miner and a gridcoin supporter.")
Presrvd ("Just another science buff that decided to do what he can to help out the science community....")
pheanix ("Hi! My name is Keith. I'm from a small town in Delaware/USA and started crunching on...")
pastaforeveryone ("CS grad student hoping to get into space industry.")
pag ("Have a nice Day")

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