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RevDrDark ("M/40s/Northeast Alabama. I have a lifelong interest in Astronomy and science related...")
RPShields ("76 year old computer expert that was building PC's in the back of an electronics store when...")
Ronny Willy Enzmann
Reboot ("I'm a director of information technology who plays violin for a local orchestra, plays...")
remont_shatunov ("Всем привет! Я веб-программист и работаю сейчас на...")
Rulon Linford ("Software Engineer, SF Bay Area, 40s, naps are the best.")
RS ("53 year old father of 2 and grandfather of a boy 4yrs old and girl 1 yr old, In sales...")
Rick ("Engineering Manager I used to hunt for asteroids using the SOHO observatory.")
Rico de Jongh
Roxi ("Witam serdecznie !!")

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