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ReadMe41671620 ("Triangle Star Team TST [x]")
Radar ("Lukáš "Radar" Kubíček; C#/Dart programátor, furrík.")
Ralf Borcherding
Ricardo Bombich ("Ich heise Ricardo Bombich bin am 06.1988 Geb.")
RoDesign ("Tož já su vod Prahy. Je mi už 18, třikrát. Snažím sa číst SF.")
Richard ("I live in Franklin, Indiana, but originally from Columbus, Ohio. I am 61 years old,...")
RL Pete Housman ("Third computer I have run the Seti Home program over the past dz or so years. Glad to be a...")
Robert Drygas
Rejean Gauthier ("My name is Rejean Gauthier i was an Avionics Technician in the Royal Canadian Air Forces....")

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