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Seek the Lord, while He may be found; Call to Him, while He is near. It takes MORE faith to be an atheist! Indeed, most atheists are really agnostics: cannot prove God DOESNT exist. -skA2 (" I was born in Eastern Europe, under Communism. My family had to flee, amid...")
Soularis ("I am a 38 year old male from Austria and mainly interrested in things that are not average...")
Steve ("")
Scotty ("hi my name is scotty rosier from lousiana i am a southern boy i am very in to diffrent...")
SXRXE ("Here to support Brony@Home!")
sho ("hi,my name is sho.age 50,no kid no wife.i just wanna try find new mankind in this...")
Super Saiyan ("I from Ho Chi Minh City Age: ? Job: ? Favourite: science")
Sir Thomas W. Kilburn ("Just a crazy old man sitting in a cave,on top of a mole mound. Wondering about the unknown...")
Simon van Dijk b ("a")

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