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Last updated 23 Nov 2020, 22:50:06 UTC

Steven Orrell ("My name is Steven. I've been married for almost fourteen years. Together, my wife and I...")
Sharma ("My name is Pratham Chhabra and I am one who always believe that knowledge is the most...")
sm3lev Ulrich
Scott C. MacCallum ("I'm a technologist with a teacher's patience and twenty years of public service. I love to...")
SUPERDAVE2020 ("Instructor at Rowan College Software Developer/Database Developer Electronic Hobbyist...")
Saimondo ("Hi, I´m a guy from Germany and I currently run BOINC only on my old Smartphone. Below...")
stephen_h_pi ("Linux and Openstreetmap enthusiast who is looking to put some currently unused hardware to...")
Stacie ("I am a refugee from Seti@Home.")

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