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Stacy ("52 electronic tech Smyrna tenn.")
Scott Perry ("Hello, I am currently living in a suburb of Houston, Texas. I am 56 and have been in...")
SAM ("Mi nombre es Miguel Angel, vivo en Málaga aunque nací en Madrid. Siempre el tema del...")
SYKRAYO ("Miremos que Asteroid esta cercano a la tierra, pues si impact comtra la tierra, nos...")
STRAUBERT LAJOS ("BORN 1931 MAY 14 ROMANIA Deva geology Geo-photography Geo-Botany Specialized Diamond...")
starstar ("Worked in the higher education and computer fields for 40 years Have many interests Like...")
sashia ("My name is Sashia pronounced Saysha. Resident of Las Vegas, Nevada for mostly 29 years. I...")
slovdan ("Uherské Hradiště 57 let")
Shiho ("Passionné de sciences et de nouvelles technologies, je suis heureux de pouvoir apporter ma...")
Sal Ippolito ("Hey Guys, I just Felt like contributing back to the community~ And plus i have a few...")

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