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satan ("Pochádzam zo Slovenskej Republiky, mám 27 rokov, pracujem vo fabrike, baví ma hudba,...")
Shubham Prakash (" name is shubham prakash, an Indian in class 12. I am 18 years old. I like I am...")
SetiSteph ("Ich hoffe mein Computer tut hiermit in seinen Ruhepausen etwas sinnvolleres, als Energie in...")
Shandia ("Member of team SETI.USA and avid cruncher. If you have participated in team challenges, you...")
Seek the Lord, while He may be found; Call to Him, while He is near. It takes MORE faith to be an atheist! Indeed, most atheists are really agnostics: cannot prove God DOESNT exist. -skA2 (" I was born in Eastern Europe, under Communism. My family had to flee, amid...")
Steve ("")

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