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Last updated 21 May 2019, 9:35:06 UTC

Vit Kliber ("I am cruncher from Czech National Team I manage...")
Vitaly Mechinsky
Vvolodymyr ("Volodymyr from Ukraine")
Valentin Kolinko ("originally from Russia. interested in this space, I love motorcycles and fond of...")
Volodymyr Goroshko ("Hi everybody! I am Volodymyr, I was born and live in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. I working an...")
VeganBilly ("I work in IT and live in South Florida. I'm into cycling, veganism, environmentalism, and...")
vinn@[CNT] ("I am 42 and work as CIO. I like scuba diving and my hobby is also philately.")
val ("I am a 54 year old from Illinois. I am a Science ninja and driven by boredom.")
Virgilio Leonardo Ruilova Castillo ("CEFE integral facilitator, activist, pro software libre, creative commons, cultura libre")
Vaduva Mihai ("Hey My name is Michael, I am 34 years old I live in Romania, Bucharest.")

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