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Last updated 16 Sep 2019, 20:05:04 UTC

Van Fanel ("I'm just an alien trying to find a decent place to live with my fellow humans. By the...")
victor_sueca ("Estoy encantado de poder trabajar para la ciencia de una forma tan sencilla como la que...")
Vercingetorige ("Sono un quasi pensionato.... ho lavorato come programmatore elettronico ed ho sempre avuto...")
Vin ("TeccaTech Advanced Computing")
Vlad Ziordia ("Hello! I'ready for any challenge out there!")
Vulcano39 ("Militar,44 anos, BTT, Mooding, cinema entre outros.")
Vishal Arora ("I am Vishal Arora. I am pursuing graduation in Computer Science from Vadodara,India. Ever...")
Venom ("Work in a robot lab.")

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