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Last updated 14 Sep 2019, 20:05:05 UTC

Wojciech ("Wojsko, Surviwal")
Wolfgang Heik ("Ich heiße Wolfgang Heik,bin 58 Jahre alt und schwer behindert 80%. Habe einen...")
WagnerTJ1977 ("Hello everyone! My name is Tamara. I am a 37 year old psychology student in Fargo, North...")
Wildpiper ("Currently in the Army. Have been running SETI for over 10 years thought I'd add another...")
wendy ("hoping to find my own starship enterprise one day")
Wesley Jackson ("Unidos pelo sabor do desconhecido! por hora nao tenho mais informaçoes para colcoar.")
William Lopez ("from California,fascinated by what might be out past are little blue ball.")
WikiWill ("I'm a BOINCer working in IT in Sydney, Australia. More about Sydney:...")

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