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I am a 15-year disabled veteran of the United States Army who now lives in the northern outskirts of the Atlanta Suburbs, where I, until December 2012 was a non-traditional student at North Georgia College & State University, now named The University of North Georgia. I consider myself an amateur Astronomer, with me utilizing my 4.5 inch telescope and frequently visiting the University of North Georgia Observatory and its 16 inch telescope. I have been into computing since 1981 when I was in Junior High School, and they had a VAX system. My favorite early computers were the Apple II and my first computer the Atari 400. I love to use my computers for the betterment of society and this is a perfect example of such!
I am working on my two youngest daughters to keep them interested in the physical sciences of astronomy, geology and meteorology.

Personal View: Science does not rule out the Bible, and the Bible does not rule out science, they actually complement one another!
Don't understand that? Think about this: Through the literal accounting for the writings in the Bible, it makes the Earth less than 10,000 years old. However, God does not live on Earth, as he could not be here when he had it created. How Long is a day for the Milky Way Galaxy or better yet, how long is a day for the Universe? In galactic age, our universe is only 60 galactic years old, and then the planet Earth is only 16 galactic years old, and the Human race is only 0.001 galactic years old. Therefore, we cannot answer those questions based on our learned belief that a day is 24 hours, as it is here on Earth, but in the grander scheme of the Galaxy and Universe, we are still in the first days in their revolution. So 10,000 in the Bible is only one-thousandth of a year old in the universe.

I hope and pray that we never find anything that will make humanity extinct and destroy out home, but I know that we are guaranteed that there is and will be such a threat sometime in the future.
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The reason I run Asteroids@Home project is because I understand that we are in a galactic “shooting gallery” and the worlds telescopes cannot even cover 10% of the skies of the planet. We have a giant target on our little rock and that asteroids, meteors and comets are destined to cross the target on us. I want to be a part of the team of humans who are looking for that body that is targeting us, so that hopefully we can avert it before it can harm our home. I hope as a part of the program that anything that me or my computer can find that would be beneficial to humanity will be discovered and brought to public attention rapidly.

Thank you to the Asteroids@Home project team for getting us windows based computer operators back into the hunt for the potential threat.

I am the team founder of the team Southeastern United States, and am looking for team members who are working on scanning the data coming back from the heavens so we can learn what is outside of not only the Earth, but in the great vastness of the Universe.

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