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Posted 24 Jun 2018 by [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Yes, yes, I know... so many better things could be done.

What you describe seems easy, but when it's something you are only doing on spare time for hobby / passion, I don't think it is.

Members of l'AF have in several occasions proposed their help to Sebastien so he would delegate us some of the numerous tasks he is doing for l'AF / Boinc world... but after many years I've seen him working for all this my (personal) conclusion is that is not the kind of guy neither to explain much what he is really doing (ie "hiding" the workload I think, so we all think "maybe it's easy", I dunno) nor to share his workload...
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Posted 23 Jun 2018 by [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
"FB" is not any kind or "organization", with resources... it's practically a one man thing, for a man who is already doing tons of other things (WUProp, StatSeb, signature.statseb, + forums, etc.)

One of FB goals has been to raise crunchers interest in all boinc projects, including the small ones, by giving them an equal weight in the global ranking (unlike boinc credit system itself).

Projects can specifically ask not to participate to the season if they don't like the idea.

Those who decide to crunch are the crunchers, maybe you should blame them because they want to participate to the project, whatever their reasons may be.

Complaining is always an easy thing.
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Posted 29 Dec 2014 by [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005

I realize I have 8 WUs that are failing upload since mi-December, I find this thread were I can see that there are indeed issues with up/down of WUs, and also that Kyong has another kind of workload issue :)

So I hope you can solve both issues and wish you the best for the new year to come !

(and I hope that they won't be "lost" since their deadline was set on 27/12/2014...)

Cheers !