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1) Message boards : News : Maintenance done (Message 1926)
Posted 12 Oct 2013 by Profile Werinbert
Just joined this project and my event log says this project is temporarily down for maintenance. Is this correct?



As with any major server changes there are always the inevitable snafus that follow. I suggest keeping with the project as it has done well in the past. The admin is quite responsive and helpful. Today, however, is a Saturday; things might get done a little slower.
2) Message boards : News : Sudden maintenance (Message 1905)
Posted 9 Oct 2013 by Profile Werinbert
Just my rotten luck...
I got a shiny new computer and turned all 8 cores to Asteroids...and now I can't upload or download. At least I got in a couple of WUs prior to the shutdown as I was setting up boinc on the computer.

I am so looking forward to crunching 5000+ WUs in the next couple of days.

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