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1) Message boards : News : New CUDA application for Windows x64 Release (Message 6582)
Posted 21 Apr 2020 by csbyseti
Ugly performance on GTX10xx Cards. The new Cuda app doubles the calculation time on GTX10xx series Cards against Cuda55.

Even on new RTX cards is the performance not good, my GTX1080 with cuda 55 is faster than my RTX2070 with the new app. But the raw calculation Power of the RTX2070 is 25% higher.

And when you start comparing the Graphics app with actual cpu's then there is only one conclusion: stopp all graphics app's because of very low calculation speed.

Graphics app can do 4-5 WU/hour and and Ryzen 3900x with avx will do ~22 Wu/hour with lower power consumption. At the moment it's only waste of power which is paid by the volunteers.

Sorry for this hard comment but i think this is the reality.

First stop delivering the new app to non turing Cards,then try to get support from outside, perhaps the guys who optimized the Seti app.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : no WUs (Message 5668)
Posted 29 Jan 2018 by csbyseti
no new work avaiable?

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