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I was born in Eastern Europe, under Communism. My family had to flee, amidst machinegun-fire. I have a PhD in engineering from Georgia...


Progress Report #01 (September 2015)
We have published Progress Report #01 (September 2015) which summarizes what we have done since start the project.

Radim Vančo (Kyong)
7 Sep 2015, 11:12:21 UTC · Comment

Server maintenance
There is going to be a bigger maintenance on 12.05.2015. It should start at 06:00 UTC and it will take propably 24 hours. New workunits will be added after the maintenance.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
11 May 2015, 6:27:19 UTC · Comment

New models on scientific results page
There are new models available on scientific results page. There are currently no users at the new models but they will be added soon.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
9 May 2015, 11:08:43 UTC · Comment

Attaching problem issues solved
Attaching project should be solved now.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
11 Mar 2015, 9:47:08 UTC · Comment

New workunits are going to be added on wednesday or thursday. Thank you for you patience.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
9 Mar 2015, 14:05:32 UTC · Comment

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