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High School Physics and Astronomy Teacher. Project lead for RECON at Carson City, NV. Telescope operator at the Jack C Davis Observatory, Western...


Server maintenance on 08.12.2017
There is going to be a maintenance on 08.12.2017. Servers will be off for several hours. It will start at about 10:00 UTC.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
6 Dec 2017, 8:45:55 UTC · Comment

There is going to be a big maintenance starting on 11.09.2017
There is going to be a big maintenance on 11.09.2017. It will take nearly 5 - 7 days. Servers won't be processing any work during maintanenace and most of the time might be offline.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
22 Aug 2017, 19:32:03 UTC · Comment

Project server is temporarily down
Project server has unfortunately run out of space again very quickly but it will be running within about 8 hours. I am now moving results to another temporarily server.

Ok, I have to correct the deadline. There was some problem with speed during transfer so I had to run it over today. New deadline is till tomorrow. I am sorry about it but I have been monitoring it.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
9 Apr 2017, 6:42:56 UTC · Comment

Server is running again
Server unfortunately run out of free space. It has been dealt with it and now it is running again.
I am sorry for very late response, I'll inform you as soon as possible next time.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
10 Mar 2017, 17:10:33 UTC · Comment

Application with nvidia 1070/1080 support added
A new application version with nvidia 1070/1080 support has been released.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)
10 Oct 2016, 9:07:31 UTC · Comment

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