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World Community Grid 91,000,388 90,815 24 Jun 2012
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GPUGRID 40,830,245 4 19 Jun 2012
Einstein@Home 151,032,272 0 19 Jun 2012
MilkyWay@home 81,848 0 19 Jun 2012
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True:I think, therefor I THINK I am. My thinking neither is the source of my being, nor does it prove my existence to anyone else. Life v. lies...Do not be a DNA-denier. Abortion kills a new, unique human being, a boy or girl. Dont choose Death f+LPaH
Life v lies. Dont be a DNA-denier. Abortion kills a new, unique human being (50% are girls) *Its my body* is a lie; How could a MALE fetus be just part of the mothers body? The fetus has her own CNS, circulatory system, blood type, GENES. f.Mgy

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