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Message 6356 - Posted: 22 Sep 2019, 17:35:09 UTC
This journey was fun sometimes, but lately... not so much. My feeling about the current state of this project has changed many times during this year. I rememmber a couple of years back there was still for example a promise to add new information to this "scientific results" page:

Didn't happen. Lately I've also started to feel like I'm running tasks from a project where there's no more than zero interaction happening between project stuff and users anymore. I get this absurd picture in my head that the people "there" have left the building a long time ago and lights have been shut down. But at the basement there's a lonely server that keeps running because for some reason electricity and connections still work. And that server over there runs automated scripts that work well enough to keep that machine running, tasks flowing and these web pages up. But why is my computer crunching these tasks? I don't know anymore.

So, this is a convenient time for me to move on. Bye and best wishes.
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Message 6366 - Posted: 25 Sep 2019, 8:02:44 UTC - in response to Message 6356.  
Have you seen the news from 24-Sep-2019:
"New models reconstructed from Gaia and Lowell photometry"

So it seems the project is not "dieing".
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Message 6369 - Posted: 29 Sep 2019, 7:16:26 UTC
I just got here - well, my account has been created for several years now - but I decided to come on over here from WCG exclusively and give it a shot.
Now I find myself in a similar situation. I will likely reach my goal and leave the building, as it were, which is unfortunate, because I love the idea of this project. But no staff communication = no fun.
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Pete Broad

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Message 6478 - Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 10:36:03 UTC
Same for me, too big a gap to the next badge. I'll just keep a few of my Androids attached.

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Message 6610 - Posted: 26 Apr 2020, 22:02:01 UTC - in response to Message 6356.  
The biggest problem with scientists is that they are nerds. Their social skill is bad. Bad enough that they don't communicate with ordinary people in an ordinary way. I think that's one of the reason I didn't accept the offer to study as a PHD student in the UK and went back to my country to find a job in business instead. So, don't blame the project members, because they are scientists LOL, and keep your faith. If you were bored, it's OK to change your life a bit. Maybe you will come around some time in the future, right?
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Message 6910 - Posted: 10 Jul 2020, 8:21:07 UTC
Scientist may or may not be nerds and may or may not lack social skills.

Informing your donors about progress and technical difficulties is however not a social skill.

We had lots of technical problems (and still have) and the communication from the admins does not spark the idea that they care at all about us.

I donate my cpu, thus I donate money (and it is a lot more than in the US to pay the electricity bill here). So I expect at least a transparent communication about what is going wrong and what they are going to do about it.

I have not made up my mind whether I leave or not, but I hope the administration shows some interest in the donors - since we are the people who actually do the tasks for them.
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