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Posted 14 Mar 2014 by Gerard de Groot
5 cached tasks per core is more then enough, it will also relieve the serverload, and when 1 or 2 tasks are ready and uploaded by boinc, then boinc request immediately 1 or 2 new tasks, so each core will always have enough tasks to crunch, in this case 5.
I do not see the need to have 50 or more tasks waiting to be crunched per core.
And 10.5 days time to complete them is much to long. 5 days is long enough.
With this settings (done by the administrators) the HUGE crunchers will in my opinion NOT leave this project. Why?
B.T.W, I also love HUGE crunchers, the more the better, and I do not care about credits at all.
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Posted 13 Mar 2014 by Gerard de Groot
The "problem" of crunchers with a big cache of tasks and therefore long waiting times for validation, could easily be solved.
Just limit the number of task to a maximum of 5 per core, and the time to complete them to 5 days.
There are more projects that do that.!