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Posted 5 Nov 2019 by Alessio Susi
This project looks very weak. I have tried for a while to get any CPU or GPU tasks and keep getting "Project has no tasks available". I have gotten 1 GPU task since I started but nothing else. Is this project even viable anymore or should I just move on? Looking at the message boards, even they look pretty dead.

You can also try Einstein@Home. Researchers are studying gravitational waves and pulsar stars.
Or MilkyWay@Home, to create a 3D map of the Milkyway.
There is also Universe@Home, to study how black holes work.
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Posted 5 Jun 2019 by Alessio Susi
Also Huawei P30 Pro doesn't receive any WU. It seems that Android 9 devices aren't compatible with some projects.
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Posted 26 Feb 2019 by Alessio Susi
Since I updated my OnePlus 5T to Android 9, my smartphone doesn't receive any WUs. Only Einstein@Home send me but I'd like to crunch also for Asteroids@Home. What is the problem?
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Posted 17 Dec 2018 by Alessio Susi
I know there's a way to set a project to use a specific number of cores when working. Is there a way to set a maximum number of download and working WUs simultaneously?
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Posted 25 Oct 2018 by Alessio Susi
I already have an XML file to run almost 7 tasks. Do I have to write this after the old text or to create a new XML file?
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Posted 25 Oct 2018 by Alessio Susi
I don't think it depends on the GPUs. As I said in the other message, with avx tasks my motherboard doesn't overcome 80°C, while with sse3 tasks it become very hot, over 85°C.
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Posted 23 Oct 2018 by Alessio Susi
I noticed that sse3 tasks heat my motherboard, MSI X370 Gaming Plus, over 85 °C (yesterday it reached 88 °C). With avx tasks it stays on 78-79 °C. Is there a way to download only avx tasks?

I have an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 overclocked to 3.925 GHz and I'm currently running 7 A@H tasks and 7 Universe@Home tasks with the CPU. I can't control the PC during the day, so if it continues to download both avx and ss3 tasks I have to decrease the number of A@H tasks on the CPU.
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Posted 22 Jun 2018 by Alessio Susi
Are there WUs for Nvidia GPUs? I have a GTX 1080 Ti and want to try it with A@H
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Posted 10 Mar 2017 by Alessio Susi
So, it won't be created a version for this kind of devices?
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Posted 9 Dec 2016 by Alessio Susi
For ATI there are also MilkyWay@Home, Einstein@Home (also for Intel GPUs), SETI@Home (also for Intel GPUs), and Universe@Home is developing a version for that GPU. You can try it.
And the researchers of Einstein@Home have recently found the most massive double neutron star system ever observed. I think they're doing a good job ?
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Posted 20 Nov 2016 by Alessio Susi
Will you release a version also for Intel GPU?
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Posted 3 Mar 2016 by Alessio Susi

Intel Atom Z3580 quad-core 2.3GHz 64bit, 4GB RAM, 54GB of free memory, high power in single core.
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Posted 1 Mar 2016 by Alessio Susi
However, are there plans for a x86 Android version?
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Posted 29 Feb 2016 by Alessio Susi
I've added an ASUS ZenFone Zoom (ASUS_Z00XS Intel Atom Z3580 2.3GHz 64bit, but the project shows 1.33GHz). Are there news about a version for x86 Android devices?
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Posted 6 Feb 2016 by Alessio Susi
The problem is not the RAM. The problem is that the projects have not developed a version of their apps for x86 Android devices (Intel CPU). They have a version only for ARM ones (Qualcomm Snapdragon, Exynos, HiSilicon and MediaTek CPUs). Only SETI@Home Beta Test and Collatz Conjecture have ones available for x86 Android devices with Intel CPUs
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Posted 7 Dec 2015 by Alessio Susi
Yes I have, but I don't like that project, I only like biological and astrophysical ones.
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Posted 6 Dec 2015 by Alessio Susi
I'm going to buy a Asus ZenFone Zoom (Intel Atom CPU) and I'd like to have a version of this project also for this type of devices. A lot of Asus ones have a Intel processor (with a x86 architecture) and the only project available for these is Seti@Home Beta.
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Posted 10 Nov 2015 by Alessio Susi
Will you create a version of Asteroids@Home also for Intel GPUs?
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Posted 25 Mar 2015 by Alessio Susi
I have a Nexus 7 2013 with Android 5.0.2 and I can't do anything, all the works fail after 2/3 seconds. When will you release a version compatible with Android Lollipop??