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Posted 4 Apr 2015 by fastgeek
After all, it was just a SWAG on my part ...

:D I searched a long time what is 'SWAG' but it seems to mean so many things that I am in a loss (I'm not a teenager ;) )

SWAG = Scientific Wild A$$ Guess

I've always heard of it as "Silly Wild A$$ Guess"; but that works just fine too! :)
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Posted 1 Apr 2015 by fastgeek
:) Yes, you are "completely wrong" - WUs are the same, tasks from the same WU are sent to any system/app

E.g. this WU was sent to Android/ARMv7 , Windows 7/Xeon/sse2 , Linux/GeForce GTX 760/cuda55

... and as you can see is "Completed and validated"

Well that's good to know! I'm one of those rare people that don't mind being wrong. After all, it was just a SWAG on my part based solely on the WU IDs that were working and all the others that were not. :)
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Posted 31 Mar 2015 by fastgeek
I might have had something to do with a lot of the WUs disappearing. :p Saw it mentioned on POGS that this project was in desperate need of crunchers; so moved over a bunch of quad-sockets to help out. Hit the stats below (as of last night) in less than four days. Would keep with it if it weren't for all the checksum problems. My guess is that CPU/Android WUs are being sent to CPU clients... but chances are I'm completely wrong. :)

Total credit = 1,300,800
Recent average credit = 104,080.01