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Posted 29 Mar 2015 by Profile Yank
Looking over the US Navy team members task downloads most 'error while downloading' occurred at 04:00 UTC time 3/29/2015. Some members are now receiving some work units but many have just stopped the Asteroid@home project for now.
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Posted 29 Mar 2015 by Profile Yank
Same here, pretty much 100% failure across all my systems.

Same problem with my systems. Will be back later.
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Posted 28 Mar 2015 by Profile Yank
Although I am working a few work units I had 231 units which had an "error
on downloading".
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Posted 12 Oct 2014 by Profile Yank
Looks like I am getting about 30% "Error while Downloading..." on three computers. When checking the other results of the same work units with other members of the project it show the same results.
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Posted 30 Sep 2014 by Profile Yank
Asteroids@home has been selected as the 'Project of the Month' for Oct 2014 by the members of the US Navy teams. Any and all extra computer power you can spare to download work units from this project would be appreciated.

Web site of the US Navy team members is at If not a member and want to join you must send an email to Michael at and include your user name you want to use. This is necessary for security of our web site. Michael will then post to you after he sets up an account for you. Too many hackers from Russia and Turkey are always attempting to hack into our site.
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Posted 27 May 2014 by Profile Yank
US Navy team members have selected Asteroids@home to be our POTM for May 2014. We request that if you have some extra computer cores you join the 'US Navy' Asteroids Team and download some work units. Every little bit of computer power you give to the project will help us increase our standing in the Asteroids@home project.
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Posted 21 Mar 2014 by Profile Yank
Voting for the next 'Project of the Month' for April 2014 is taking place now at the 'US Navy' web site located at

come on by, sign in and have a look around and vote for the next POTM.

Projects on the list to be voted on are:

Moo-Wrapper @ home
Collatz conjecture @ home
World Community Grid @ home
Enigma @ home
GPUGRID @ home

Thank you,

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Posted 29 Oct 2013 by Profile Yank
Project of the Month for November is Milkyway@home. Navy team members voted for this POTM. Every month we have a vote for the next POTM. Navy teams' web site is at

Come on by, sign in and have a look around and vote soon for the next POTM.

We do need some help to take over the lead for the #1 spot in the Government Team listing.

At the present time the weather is much cooler so this would be a good time to turn some more of your computers on and crunch some work units for the US navy Milkyway team.


Members of this community are welcome to join our team if only for one month for the POTM.