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Posted 3 Jun 2015 by kain
That's not the answer for my question (probably because my rusting english skills ;) ).

I mean that we have only few hundreds (or even less, they aren't numbered on the list on the result page) calculated models. From 300+ k. So less than 1% of work done, right?
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Posted 2 Jun 2015 by kain
And we have few hundreds on results page?

Less than 1% of work done?
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Posted 20 May 2015 by kain
No problem here.
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Posted 11 May 2015 by kain
Thank you :)
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Posted 9 May 2015 by kain
At last :)
But there should be also information about last update etc cause now it's really hard to tell when this page was update for the last time/when the last model was calculeted etc.

And I think you could correct this - "© 2014 Asteroids@home"
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Posted 5 May 2015 by kain
Any news about this topic?
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Posted 4 May 2015 by kain
OMG sorry, I didn't notice that. Thx :)
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Posted 30 Apr 2015 by kain
"File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server"

Can somebody reuplod this? :)