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Posted 20 Mar 2014 by Profile Senilix
i want to see if my 'puter and boinc will run more efficiently if i set it to 4 with "on multiprocessor systems use at most 100% of the processors" setting

I see you're using an 8 core machine. If you want ro run only 4 WUs simultanously on it then use "on multiprocessor systems use at most 50% of the processors".
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Posted 28 Sep 2013 by Profile Senilix
I too noticed a big increase in estimated completion times shown by BOINC.
It seems that the reason is an increased <rsc_fpops_est> value in the init_data.xml file for the new WUs.


That results in 315010 GFLOPS. AFAIK the old value was something like 10000(?) GFLOPS.
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Posted 9 Apr 2013 by Profile Senilix
Yes, it would be nice to have a GPU application but now it's on the bottom of the to-do list.

Are there any progresses re a GPU application?
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Posted 21 Jun 2012 by Profile Senilix
According to an article i've found here the lightcurve inversion method you are using is highly parallelizable and therefore perfectly suited for processing on a GPU.

Are there any plans on developing a GPU application for this project?