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Posted 22 Jun 2018 by tazzduke
I meant in the Formula BOINC leaderboard for this sprint.

The GRIDCOIN discussion is for another day, I dont want to hijack this thread.

Not a fan. Not associated either.

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Posted 22 Jun 2018 by tazzduke
Greetings All

Name another Project that has a weekly outage, not one comes to mind, so you can then say that Seti is not the norm, but an anomaly.

LHC has been using max jobs per core and works well.

My thoughts on the matter, a bit of a turn off to rock up and participate and there is nothing to crunch on.

You win some and you lose some, anyways GRIDCOIN smashing the opposition.

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Posted 1 Jan 2014 by tazzduke

Glad to hear you are making good progress with the GPU app.

As I have an AMD HD 5850, I will have to patiently wait till there is an OpenCL app available.

What that will mean for me, is that I will be able to crunch Asteroids on GPU and crunch one of my other favourite CPU projects on the CPU.

Until, happy crunching.