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Posted 8 Jan 2017 by JaRski-S60R
I get the same thing, GTX 980ti here. Total UI slowdown. Mouse moves in slow motion, jerky.

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Noticed last week also a sudden mouseLAG. It's only when the mouse-arrow is on the desktop-wallpaper and no lag when arrow moves over into a window of a program.
Noticed also that lag is also gone when pressing the "go desktop" (lower-right corner besides the vertical bar).
-Tried 1st going back to older usb 3.0 drivers (updated those the same day as I noticed the lag the 1st time).
-Went back a version of BOINC (7.6.22 now), didn't helped still lag on the older.
-Went back to the latest certified GeForce ROG-drivers on Asus website (359.06)coz I've an Asus Matrix 980ti. Still lag atm.

Lag is gone as soon I pause project and/or the gpx-card crunch other projects.
Is there a fix for this?