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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Massive amount of canceled WUs completed, no credit (Message 2849)
Posted 20 Mar 2014 by STE\/E
I have 111 so far with 5200+ still Pending. I noticed during the Challenge the Project was Aborting wu's that were in a State of being Processed, not a really nice thing to do ...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : avx feature/app (Message 2693)
Posted 11 Mar 2014 by STE\/E
I'm running without the app file now & all I got was the sse3 Wu's ... I don't think heat is the problem, the laptop throttles it's self, but then the throttling could be the problem too. It's a 3.4 CPU running Ht Mode & half the time it run's under 1000mhz. I've done everything I know of to try to keep it running at a higher speed but nothing seems to work ...

I previously posted it was a 4770QM but that's wrong, it's a 4700QM ...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : avx feature/app (Message 2686)
Posted 11 Mar 2014 by STE\/E
I was running the AVX's on my 4770QM Laptop (ID66226) & it did improve the run times dramatically but now have stopped & gone back to the sse3 Wu's. Main reason being every one of the AVX's that I ran on it had gone into the Validation Inconclusive Pool, from there 7 have been Marked Valid & 5 Marked Invalid. At about a 42% Failure Rate it isn't worth it, maybe a Haswell Laptop isn't made to run the AVX, I don't know, I did update to the v7.3.10 & am running Windoze 8.1 ...

Also with the v7.3.10 Client I never got any AVX Wu's until I put the AVX Portion of the app file in the Asteroids Directory, maybe that was the problem ?
4) Message boards : Windows : An easy Windows solution (Message 365)
Posted 6 Nov 2012 by STE\/E
When the BOINC Manager first starts up it should give you the option for the Advanced View in the lower right hand corner ...
5) Message boards : Windows : An easy Windows solution (Message 363)
Posted 6 Nov 2012 by STE\/E
I installed your method & got it to work, several Problems though. It would only run 1 Wu @ a time & I couldn't see the option in BOINC to possible re-set to 4 CPU's, shouldn't really need to do that though. It's on a Laptop & apparently the screen isn't large enough to see the whole Options/Preference Box.

Another thing it looked like it was going to take around 14 Hr's to run a Wu on my 2.67 GHZ Laptop,for 120 Credits it's not worth it, to me anyway. I'll wait for a Windows Application in 2020 from the looks of progress on releasing one & see if the Wu's run faster ...


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