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Posted 17 Mar 2014 by frankhagen
Is someone interested in experimenting with a app that uses the AMD fma4 instruction set ?

FWIW, i've been running it for a couple of weeks now at it works (valid results).

If someone is interested i could upload it.

Let me know.

AAAH - noob alert! ;)

currently i got no AMD-FX at hand, but would you throw in some performance-numbers?
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Posted 17 Mar 2014 by frankhagen
As I wrote, my definition of 'a few' was again about 6 hours, but it is still in progress. But after that, there will be no bigger maintenance for a longer time. Sometimes it has to be done and don't worry, there is the progress. But due to many files in different location I can only guess the estimated time and I was wrong twice this time. There are over 8000000 files so it takes some time.

thought so!

those out here, that are in business for quite some time, don't give predictions like that.

much better to report "progress is at x% now" - no linear predictions possible.

simply because that's the one and only thing that's sure. ;)
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Posted 17 Mar 2014 by frankhagen
I am sorry to keep you waiting. The maintenance is still running, my estimated time was wrong. There are all files being processed so I can't say the exactly time. But it will still take a few hours.

hmmmm - a few hours...

... your definition of "a few" ?
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Posted 2 Oct 2013 by frankhagen
I see none of my WUs have been validated today and I still have a huge backlog of work waiting for valiadation. Time to take a break and wait for everything to catch up I think :)

business as usual - DB inflated due to noobs at work ;)

no offense, but there really is no need to keep old results in the DB for months.

huge DB = slow server..
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Posted 11 Sep 2013 by frankhagen
same over here.
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Posted 6 Sep 2013 by frankhagen
I have decreased max_errors to 3 in database so cleaning the bad results should be fast now.

well done!
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Posted 5 Sep 2013 by frankhagen
If possible please cancel all those WUs, it is better than canceling all queue.

big part of the problem is your config: max # of error 20.

so those will definitely take 20 rounds..
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Posted 30 Aug 2013 by frankhagen

if you have a problem with boincstats, what the hell do you expect to be fixed over here?

go ask willy!

he's the guy who runs boincstats..

if your problem is the same on other (better) stats-sites, the problem really is some kind of astreoids-thing.
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Posted 27 Aug 2013 by frankhagen
Server is a little overloaded by generating new workunits.

currently showing 20 hours.

it needs more ram to speed up the growing db!

throw in as much as possible.
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Posted 22 Aug 2013 by frankhagen
Fixed. When new results of the WU are finished, it will be processed again.

thx for the quick fix!
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Posted 21 Aug 2013 by frankhagen
So is the SSE2 faster than SSE3

usually this will not be the case because some design-flaws in SSE2 (which affect performance) were fixed with SSE3.

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Posted 19 Aug 2013 by frankhagen
It's PNT (Polish National Team) doing what they do best. They're the best damn bunch of cheaters in BOINCdom and anybody familiar with their history knows it. I haven't figured out how they're scamming this project and I don't think I'm going to bother figuring it out but someone will, eventually.

neither will i - not again.

but it's most likely one of those easy things to do. they are definitely not the best but the most heinous ones.
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Posted 18 Aug 2013 by frankhagen
X86 64 bit world has SSE2 as minimal instruction set. Not sure about Atoms and SSE3..

they do.
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Posted 23 Jul 2013 by frankhagen
i got a response from Thor this morning...

he is in fact using an optimized application, but he did not write it - the author of said application is a team member of his (he did not specify who). that user compiled and distributed the optimized app to his teammates for testing purposes just before leaving on vacation. its not real clear whether the app is still being tested or if its ready for release...and i don't know when the author is due back in town, but Thor knows to get back to me once he knows more.

ask sesef..
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Posted 22 Jul 2013 by frankhagen
We need to ask the user ..:: Thor ::.., this is his computers.

i PMed him, so hopefully he'll get back to me via either PM or in this thread.

well - not a wild guess: PNT once again..